Narrative Display Function

During this project, the Posters Network have been involved in designing and testing a development of the Webrecorder software that will enable curators to display digital posters collected from the web, in their original dynamic and interactive contexts, whilst still providing a level of curation and narrative.

The aim has been to create a presentation format, which combines Webrecorder content (that can be explored and interacted with) alongside a panel of curatorial text to guide a user through the content. A viewer can either engage with the content directly, or navigate via hyperlinks embedded in the curatorial text (thereby taking a ‘guided tour’ of a digital poster in context).

Our investigation addresses the challenge of displaying web-archived content on its own terms (rather than showing it on a static screen, or making it available but in an unmediated state) and considers how web archives might become integrated into an exhibition story.

This display format is still in development at Rhizome, but in the following narrative, we are giving an insight into the kind of presentation it will be possible to output.

NB: Please note that the narrative web format is still only accessible on desktop and laptp devices, mobile accessibility is planned to be worked on at a later point in the development roadmap of the Webrecorder project.

Explore our first narrative here