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Images: Unless otherwise stated, the copyright of images used on this website remains with the copyright holders. All figures on this website containing images used as illustrations of ideas or concepts have been supplied with a link to the original source in the figure caption. We claim no rights over these images. The sources of images used as a decorative roll-over effect on the homepage table of contents are as follows:
1. Pinocchio – still from promotional video, source;
2. David McCandless – still from work-in-progress curatorial video, source;
3. digital posters – source available in Case Study 2;
4. David McCandless – screenshot of ‘Billion-Dollar-o-Gram’, web version, source;
5. Captain of Köpenick – still from promotional video, source;
6. #ToryBingo – Twitter search results filtered by ‘post type’ photos, source;
7. MyDavidCameron – screenshot of poster ‘generator’ tool developed by Andy Barefoot, source;
8. #ToryBingo – Tweeted by Grant Shapps, March 2014, source;
9. Narrative archives – screenshot of the prototype narrative accessible here.

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